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vendor directory

Full directory of the February Black on the Block vendors. Everything from apparel to food to services. If you've seen them at #BOTB, they're here!


Aktive Art

Association of Fine Black Women


Betray The Hype


By Any Means X DBJ


Cash Register Crew

Castor & Pollus


Champagne Champaionz


Chosen Ones Apparel

Dead Fresh Crew

Designs in VOGUE

Don't Recycle Project


Eboniks Apparel

El Capitan


For The Crew Clothing

Fortunate Few Clothing

Fully Loaded Los Angeles

God's Child 7


Hannah Banana Jeans


Head Attire Trendsetter 

I Hate Snkrs

Kake and Kash



LA Raw

LaBreaB Stylehouse

Listen Apparel


Losers Brand Apparel

Lustrous Apparel

Made For All


Outwardly Awkwardly

Proper Tone


Rich Vs Rich

Royal Habits Clothing

Sacred Writings Clothing Co

Saint James Collection 

Solomon Lawrence


Uncrowned Kings

Uptown Gal LA

Vibez Apparel

Zevelyn Jean

Art & Photography

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